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Cost of Replacing your Bath, Sink and Taps

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to replace a bath, sink and taps, including the costs of labour and materials.

2-7 days
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Improving or remodeling the bathroom, is one of the best ways to instantly increase your home’s value. Buyers are looking for upgraded kitchens and bathrooms. However, it doesn’t always have to be major improvements, which will result in great ROI.

Replacing a bath, without replacing the sinks and taps, is something you should never do. You might as well go ahead and do everything at once. If you are ready to improve the aesthetic appeal, fully enjoy your bathroom space, and increase your home’s value, these are a few things to consider, when you choose to perform such upgrades.

What the job entails

It’s simply not a task you want to undertake as a DIY project. There is plumbing work involved, possibly removing tiles and flooring, cutting walls, and installing complex systems. You also have to deal with hot and cold-water connections. These are tasks most homeowners, simply aren’t equipped to, or knowledgeable enough to, undertake on their own.

Hire a licensed plumber to do the work. They not only understand what is required when installing a new bath but also can do the work quickly and cleanly. They will eliminate cutting, drilling, and performing major removal, where it isn’t necessary.

Also, look for something uniform. If you choose a claw-foot tub, consider going with similar styles for the sink and taps. It will look cleaner, neater, and it will help bring the entire bathroom space together. It will look like you actually took the time to think it through and perform upgrades to improve the aesthetic appeal to space.

Additional projects to consider completing

Consider upgrading the entire bathroom area at once. Painting, installing a new vanity, new double sinks, adding heated tiling/flooring, are a few additional upgrades you should consider. It is easier to work with one contractor, rather than hire 2-3 for each project. And, since you are doing major upgrade work, you might as well undertake all projects at once, rather than space it out.

If wiring or electric work for lighting is needed, this is also a good time to consider doing this work. it will cost less, and it will require less time since the walls/surfaces are already exposed. You won’t have to do the additional cutting, sawing, or drilling, once your new tubs and sinks are installed.

Potential upgrade issues

The issue of plumbing work is always present. If the hot-cold water lines aren’t properly designated, this might be additional services a plumber has to perform. With certain tubs, they might have to install additional piping as well.

In terms of lighting or electric work, if you are doing the entire bathroom remodel, these issues might also present themselves. The only way to know is once the work commences. So, this is a risk you take when choosing to upgrade.

In older homes, problems with dated plumbing and wiring are always present as well. So, if you are upgrading a dated home’s bathroom, bear in mind that you are probably going to run into these issues. And, you are required to remedy them, since plumbers and electricians are required to install everything up to code when they are working in the space.

Costs & Duration

For simply installing a new tub, sinks, and taps, most projects will take less than 1 week to complete. And, labour costs will run about £200 daily, in addition to the price for the tub, sink, and taps chosen.

The higher costs come when doing additional work. Labour rates are flat, per day, so you will incur higher costs alone when plumbing or wiring work is involved. Major remodeling jobs can last 2 weeks or more. If you are purchasing “vintage” or a specific “themed” set for the tub/sinks, these will also cost more money. They might also require a specific type of installation process, which can cost more money for the homeowner.

The answer is, it varies. There is no set fee, apart from the cost of labour you will pay, which any contractor is going to charge for their services. Apart from this, the duration and costs will truly vary greatly, from one home to another. The home’s age, size, and complexity of the work involved in the remodeling are all factors which will play a role in the duration of the project, and ultimately the final price which homeowners will pay to remodel the space.

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