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Cost of Replacing Kitchen Cupboard Doors

A guide of the process of hiring a kitchen specialist to replace your kitchen cupboard doors, including the costs of labour and materials.

1-2 days
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In order to install new kitchen cupboard doors, you have to remove the old ones, but in some cases, you don’t simply want to replace and install new doors. If you want to refinish, polish, or otherwise restore the old cupboard doors, this option is available to you.

Whether you decide to hire a professional to perform these services or DIY, there are certain factors to consider before you make your decision. Of course, cost alone isn’t all you’ll consider. The duration of the project, how it will look, and the look/feel you want to see once the project is completed, are all variables to consider when removing and installing kitchen cupboard doors.

What the job entails

This will depend on the option you take. One route is to remove and replace the cupboard doors. If this is the chosen option, the doors will simply be unhinged and disposed of. You will then measure the space to install the new cupboard doors and choose the finish, material, and style, which will ultimately be installed.

The second option is to restore your old cupboard doors. If this is the option chosen, you first have to unhinge and remove the doors. From there, you will either finish, coat, repaint, and seal the doors. They will be left to dry, and upon finishing this task, you can polish them to add brilliance and shine, prior to reapplying the doors to the cupboard area.

Possible complications

If you choose to have new doors installed, and wish to custom order these doors, one issue is a delay in processing. Custom doors take time to make and, if for any reason they don’t come out the way you want them to, this will delay the entire project.

Another potential issue is a problem occurring when you are removing the doors. If you damage the doors you planned on using, this can render them useless. For this reason, you might choose the option of hiring a professional to remove and replace the cupboard doors.

Fitting issues are a problem in some cases. This can be true especially when a homeowner attempts to DIY the project, and incorrectly measures fittings, openings, and closing spaces. Again, a professional probably won’t make such mistakes when removing and ultimately reinstalling the new doors.

Other projects

If you are using the original cupboard doors, you might consider varnish, polishing them, or otherwise adding a glass window to the front. These projects will add a new look, touch of elegance, and give your kitchen an entirely new look.

If you want to upgrade appliances, flooring, or knobs, this is also a great time to do these projects in the kitchen space. Especially if you plan on hiring a contractor, they can perform all of these projects at the same time, for a discounted price, and can do the work in a fraction of the time.

Any other painting, finishing, or additional upgrades you plan on completing in the kitchen can be conducted when replacing the cupboard doors. Working on one remodeling project, and completing the entire space in one shot, requires less work, time, and ultimately ends up being cheaper for the homeowner as well.

Costs & Duration

If you hire a contractor, expect to pay a flat labour fee of £100-£200 per day. If they are simply removing the old doors and installing new ones you purchased or ordered, this will likely cost anywhere from £100-300, and shouldn’t take more than 1-2 days to complete.

For those projects you plan on refinishing, this will take a little more time. If using the same doors, and polishing/finishing them, you will have to add 1-2 days for drying and additional surfacing. You will, however, pay less because you aren’t purchasing new doors. The cost of polish/varnish can run anywhere from £50-£100, for your entire kitchen. So, these projects will take 2-5 days, and cost £100-£200 per day (labour), plus the cost of painting/finishing supplies.

If you choose the DIY route, make sure you have the time, and can properly measure the spaces. These projects will probably take a less experienced individual anywhere from 1-2-weeks to complete. But, you get the feeling of knowing you did the work yourself, and you can also add the custom touches and detail work throughout, to really give your kitchen the personalised look you want to see in the space.

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