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Cost of Replacing a Flat Roof

A guide of the process of hiring a roofer to replace a flat roof, including the costs of labour and materials.

2-5 days
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Replacing or repairing a flat roof is a job best left to a licensed, contracted-roofer. The simple fact that you need equipment to reach your roof, safety nets, scaffolding, and need to lift/load heavy equipment, makes this job a difficult DIY project, for even the handiest-homeowner around.

Because of this, you want to choose a contractor which specialises in flat-roof repairs or replacement. One which has experience in determining the best repair methods, which type of roofing tiles to utilise, and how to best serve the homeowner, to ensure a reasonable price, and high-quality repair services.

What the job entails

Even with routine maintenance, a flat roof is eventually going to require some form of repair or replacement. Repairs can range from fixing a leaky patch, replacing a portion of the flat roof, or otherwise utilising fillers/bonding agents, to fix the leaks or damage.

On some roofs, if the damage is extensive, replacement is a superior alternative. In these cases, the old flat roof is removed, the roof of your home is sanded, sealed, and proper leveling is performed. At this point, the new roof is laid out, based upon the material choice of the homeowner.

Every flat roof replacement or repair will end up costing owners a different price. Location, equipment required, and the degree of repair, or how much of the roof is being replaced, will all have an impact on cost. Assessing the roof, to determine the best approach to replacing or repairing, is the first step to be taken in all instances where damage is present.

Potential issues with rendering

If a roof is extremely dated, the home might not be up to code. This is going to result in increased costs to the homeowner. Whether that involves replacing the glue/binding agents on the roof, installing new guttering, or otherwise upgrading the roof, each of these services will result in higher costs, and more labour.

If the homeowner wishes to upgrade to a newer, modern roof, this is also going to result in higher pricing to the homeowner. And, it might require updating the roof, or even interior structures of the home. So, considering all options, material finishes, and design detail, are a few of the factors which go into determining which new roof material to install.

Other damage can always present itself when working on the roof. Extensive water damage, debris, or other items which have landed on, and damaged the roof, will result in additional expenses. Since they have to be repaired, prior to replacing or repairing your flat roof, these projects will set back the completion date, and increase expected, quoted prices, for the homeowner.

Other projects to complete

If you have been considering adding a chimney, repairing gutters, doing work on the siding, or other detail work to your home’s exterior, this is a great time to perform these projects. Contractors can typically do more than one of these jobs, in addition to repairing or replacing your roof. They will charge lower prices, and complete the services in a shorter turn-around time as well.

Homeowners who want to do wiring work, plumbing, or additional cleaning services to the home’s exterior, might also consider performing these services while working on the roof. Even improvements such as painting, should be done at the same time. This will avoid having to rent additional equipment at a later date, and hiring other contractors, to perform these tasks at a later date.

Costs & Duration

The duration of repair will depend on the extent. In simple cases, a repair job can last 1-3 days to completion. Larger roofs which are being replaced, can take anywhere from 3-7 days to replace, and install the new roof.

Cost will include the daily labour rate of £150-£250 which most licensed roofers will charge. Replacing an entire flat roof, on a single-family, detached home, can run between £500-£1500. Of course, design details, materials, energy-efficient roofing, and other upgrades will also increase cost. So, bear this in mind when comparing quotes. Make sure you fully understand what is included in the quote price, and which additional services are going to increase the quoted price of services.

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