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Cost of Replacing a Roof Window

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to replace a roof window, including the costs of labour and materials.

1-2 days
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If your roof’s window is damaged, you want to upgrade to glazed-windows, or want double-glazed windows installed, the proper replacement methods should be chosen in performing these services. Of course, every contractor will take a different approach in replacement, so determining what the best, and most affordable is for your home, is truly up to the homeowner.

Depending on the type of window you currently have installed, cutting, drilling, or movement might be necessary, prior to being able to install the new window. Further, if you want the window to open, or want something done on a peak (edge), this might require a different replacement and new installation technique.

What the job entails

Initially, the space has to be measured. This is to determine how much clearance room is required, and the best approach to replace an old window. It is also the best way to determine if a new window pane is necessary, or if energy-efficient lining can be installed.

Once measured, the old window is removed. If you plan on using the same window, and simply glazing it, this can be done by the contractor you hire. They will remove, replace, and install the new window. Otherwise, you have to wait for the new window to arrive, prior to it being installed. Once placed and fitted, your new window is hinged, and final touches are performed to ensure it is properly installed, and secured on the roof.

Potential issues with replacement

If there is damage to the roof, or if there are issues with the type of window you currently have installed, this can delay the process, or increase costs. Not only will assessments be necessary, but in some homes you might have issues with coding or regulations. Especially in older homes. So, make sure you are fully aware of regulations, requirements, and what can (and can’t) be done in your home.

If your custom order windows, this can delay the process, and obviously result in a much higher cost. And, the possible issue of the window not being properly cut, fitted, or installed, are always possibilities with custom designed work. therefore, you must truly take your time to hire the right contractor, and one which guarantees 100% precision in the work they will do, when custom designing your new window on the roof.

If you order glazed windows, they must be handled with care. Even a slight scratch or puncture can ruin your window prior to being installed. So, hire a contractor who takes their time, does their work with care, and will guarantee all of the installation services they perform.

Additional projects to complete

Roofing upgrades, minor repair, or even cleaning services, are among the easier projects to complete when installing a new window. You have a brand-new window, you want it to go into a roof that is clean, and damage free. So, choose a contractor who can at least assess the roof, safety, and ability to properly install the new window.

You might consider upgrading all of your home’s windows at this time. Yes, you will pay a higher price, but you are having the work done by one contractor. You know all windows will look the same (uniformity), will be installed in the same manner, and this will be completed in a shorter time-frame, than if you chose to perform each room of the home individually. At least consider getting a quote for the entire home, as you might be surprised how much you can actually save when you do the entire home at once.

Consider a skylight. These are easy to open and close, they offer a much brighter (open) feel to the room, and they come in a variety of finishes, glazes, and sizes/shapes. You can truly reshape the room, make it your own, and add your own personal touches to the space, with a unique skylight installed into the home’s roof.

Costs & Duration

A simple window installation should take 1-2 days max for a joiner or builder. This includes measuring, fitting, installation, and securing the window. Labour costs will run between £150-£300 per day, which is a flat rate most contractors are going to charge for this type of service. And, the actual window and installation can cost anywhere between £250-£1000. This of course depends on window size, opening, if it is glazed, whether it can be opened from the inside, and other factors (such as energy-efficiency rating).

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