Cost of Replacing a TV Aerial

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to replace a tv aerial, including the costs of labour and materials.

4-8 hours
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Replacing a TV aerial might seem like a simple task, but it can quickly turn into a disaster if you don’t know what you are doing. Downed wires, electric-sparks, and minor shocks are a few of the more basic problems you might run into.

When it comes to replacing a TV aerial, it is best to leave this task to those who know what they are doing (i.e. hiring a licensed professional). Let’s see what goes into the replacement, and installing the new wiring, to ensure you have properly functioning cable, and won’t cause a major outage throughout your neighbourhood.

What the job entails

At the very least, a very (very) tall ladder, or scaffolding is required to replace the TV aerial. However, professionals have appropriate power tools, connection ports and cables, wires, and obviously the safety equipment to do this job as well.

In replacing the aerial, removing downed or broken antennae and wires is the first step. If possible, technicians will replace or fix minor outages as well. Replacing signal control systems, boxes, and other cable connectors is also going to be conducted when replacing the aerial aboveground.

Issues/Potential Setbacks

In replacing the aerial wire system, the issue of outages is one which might occur. If no signal is present, or if the wrong wire/connection ports are cut, this can result in major outages. For this reason alone, hiring a licensed technician, who is experienced, and has the proper equipment to cut/replace the wires, should be done.

In some cases, a new system is required. If you are dealing with dated wiring, connectors, or the aerial lines haven’t been replaced in years, at the time of replacement, you might run into problems. Due to changes in wiring, internal configurations, and improvement to cable/satellite services, most systems are upgraded. If an aerial which is being replaced isn’t, this is going to require additional improvement and upgrade work.

Additional Services to Complete

Today, more and more people are switching over to satellite or other forms of streaming services. When having the aerial wires replaced, it is possible to incorporate other forms of streaming services. It is a good idea to discuss such service and subscription options with the technicians who are replacing the aerial wires outside the home.

Consider upgrades as well. Options such as 4K, higher definition, and streaming packages and upgrades for smartphones or tablets, are available to customers. When replacing aerial wires, many companies can upgrade to allow for these additional service package options.

When improving the system, replacing the TV antennae with newer, more modern options available, will help streamline the appearance. It will also improve the aesthetic appearance outside your home. You won’t have to see those huge, unsightly wires hanging everywhere.

Costs & Duration

The cost to replace the wires and antennae outside the home will vary. For most technicians, a flat labour fee is often charged on a daily or hourly basis. These services shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to complete. Expect to pay a flat rate of no less than £100, with any service provider. In addition to this, the cost of new cables, as well as upgrades to your services (such as 4K or high definition), are also going to be added to your bill.

The cost to transition to underground lines is also an option to consider. Depending on the service provider, where you live, and local regulations which are in place, it is possible to completely eliminate the wiring and antennae above ground. This will typically result in a higher initial cost (drilling, working below ground, implementing new wiring), but will also eliminate the frequent outages.

Again, each service provider is going to charge a different fee for these services, so it is best to compare a few local companies prior to choosing one to perform this type of upgrade work.

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