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Cost of Repointing your Chimney

A guide of the process of hiring a tradesman to repoint your chimney, including the costs of labour and materials.

1-2 days
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Pointing on the chimney refers to the cement between the bricks on the chimney. If repointing services have to be performed, this will typically call for peeling, removing, surfacing, or otherwise softening the current cement, in order to replace and polish the new cement when repointing the chimney.

Several factors will play a role in determining the cost of having these services performed. Of course, the rate charged by the contractors, duration of the services, how tall/high the home is, and how many surfaces are being repointed, will play an integral role in the final price you pay for services.

Why Repoint a Chimney

A major concern is dampening, which can lead to cement crumbling, and ultimately the chimney falling or extensively damaging the home. If the cement is left to chip, crack, and erode away, there is no telling how much damage might ensue to the chimney and walls.

This is the major issue/area of concern to consider if you are debating whether or not to repoint a chimney. Repointing is often done if there is a leak somewhere on the walls/roof/chimney surfaces. By repointing the cement, not only will it close gaps/holes, it will also help strengthen the structural integrity of the new cement replacing the worn/damaged cement.

Doing it Yourself

This isn’t the type of job most homeowners have the experience to undertake. In addition to the dangers of gaining access to the chimney, most do not have the proper equipment or tools. Therefore, hiring a professional who is experienced with repointing, has the scaffolding, and other equipment to do the job is the superior approach.

Raking out the old pointing is often difficult, and requires the use of power-tools equipment. Additionally, if it isn’t properly removed, this can lead to issues upon installing the repointed cement onto the chimney.

It is best to hire professionals to undertake this task if possible.

Additional Services

It might be a good time to have your chimney swept if you haven’t in some time. This is not only going to allow a clean area for repointing but will also allow contractors to completely remove the old cement, prior to repointing the new cement which will be installed.

If there are leaks, or if there are problems with your gutter system that is currently installed, this might also be the point in time to remedy such problems. It will typically cost less money to perform all of these services at the same time and will take less time to complete the entire project at once.

Costs and Duration

The cost to repoint a chimney can range from £250 to over £800 based on various factors. One of these factors is the depth at which the current pointing has to be removed. The amount of work which has to be performed, prior to repointing the chimney, will increase the overall cost of services.

Equipment costs, such as scaffolding, can also greatly increase the price you will pay for these services. If a contractor has to rent the equipment or utilise various resources, this is going to cost you more in the end.

The location, whether or not there is damage if you have to repair the actual chimney, and the location (where you live), are all relevant factors that will also have an effect on the overall price you are going to pay to have the chimney repointed.

The duration of the project will take anywhere from 1-3 days. The work itself isn’t extensive or difficult when performed by a professional. However, the size, and the height (if scaffolding is required) will increase the overall duration of the project to be performed on your home.

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