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chimney sweeping cost

Chimney Sweeping Cost

Smoot, smog, and black marks on the home’s exterior are just a few of the possible problems you face if you don’t have your chimney ...

chimney repointing cost

Repointing your Chimney

Pointing on the chimney refers to the cement between the bricks on the chimney. If repointing services have to be performed, this will...

replace roof cost

Cost of Replacing a Roof

Whether your roof has seen better days, or you are simply tired of the dated appearance, replacing your roof is a major undertaking ...

install chimney cowl

Installing a Chimney Cowl

A chimney pot might work in some homes, but in certain cases, it won’t properly cover the entire chimney entryway. Heavy rains ...

install loft vent

Installing Loft Vents

Loft vents is a simple solution for ventilation in a loft or attic space. If you have a bedroom, use the loft as a game room ...

cost of roof moss removal

Removing Roof Moss Manually

Pressure cleaning would obviously remove moss and other debris from your roof. However, there is always the option of manual cleaning and ...

recementing ridge tiles

Recementing Ridge Tiles

As the name of the project implies, recementing the ridge tiles on the roof is simply applying cement, over the cement which is damaged...

chimney removal cost

Removing a Chimney

You are tired of your chimney. You want to reinstall it on another area of the roof. You don’t want to maintain or clean it. These are some of...

thatched roof cost

Installing a Thatched Roof

There are over 60,000 thatched properties in Britain currently, and there can be no doubt that a well-maintained thatched roof can enhance...

flat roof repair and replacement

Cost of Replacing a Flat Roof

Replacing or repairing a flat roof is a job best left to a licensed, contracted-roofer. The simple fact that you need equipment to reach your roof...

replacing leadwork

Cost of Replacing Leadwork

If the leadwork around your walls and chimney have seen better days, or are exposed in a manner which is degrading the home’s appearance...

scaffolding hire cost

Scaffolding Hire Cost Cost

Whether you plan to hire scaffolding for DIY work on the outside of your house or as part of work performed by hired...

installing a chimney liner cost

Chimney Liner Cost

Is your driveway starting to look unsightly? Driveways tend to be susceptible to moss growth and tend to build up a layer of dirt from...

Cost of Roof Ridge Tiles

Roof Ridge Tiles Cost

Ridge tiles are more susceptible to damage than other roof tiles as the mortar weakens with age and exposure...

Conservatory Roof Cost

Conservatory Roof Cost

Are you planning on fitting a brand new conservatory roof? In our cost guide, we'll take a look at how much you'd probably...

Garage Roof Replacement Cost

Garage Roof Replacement Cost

Do you need a garage roof replacement? Are you perhaps worried about the cost of a new garage roof? This article will...