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Cost of Installing a Stairlift

A guide to having a stairlift installed, including the costs and what the job entails.

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As we get older getting around some parts of our homes on our own can become more challenging. Installing a stairlift can remove the concern that getting up and down the stairs may cause while ensuring that you can move around your home with ease on your own. If you are thinking about installing a stairlift, read this useful guide to learn about what you can expect if you decide to install a stairlift.

Costs involved in installing a stairlift

The average cost of installing a new stairlift is around £2,000-£6,000, dependant on the type of chair lift that you choose.

The average cost of a reconditioned stairlift is around £1,500.

Your stairlift company will supply fitters to install the stairlift for you although the average daily cost for a handyman is around £100-£150 per day.

When you speak to your stairlift retailer, you will need to check whether the installation is included within the cost of your stairlift, or whether you will need to pay extra for installation.

What installing a stairlift entails

Chair lifts, also known as stairlifts, can quickly become an essential aid if you want to remain in the place that you have lived for so long. A home with stairs can become a worry for both yourself and your loved ones as you endeavour to continue to move between the floors of your home on your own, without slipping or falling.

A stairlift enables you to quickly ascend and descend the stairs safely and comfortably in a comfortable position. When not in use, the chair lift can be sent back upstairs, out of the way, using the handy remote control, ready to be summoned back downstairs when you need it again.

These essential mobility aids are designed with plenty of handy, practical features to make things easier for you, such as a seat that turns around at the bottom of the stairs so that you can leave the chair with ease, or a built-in battery in case there is a power cut.

Stairlifts are economical, great value for money and easily installed in any home within a day, without interfering with your property in any way. A stairlift is elevated from the stairs and positioned away from the wall, so installing a stairlift won’t cause any damage to the stairs, bannisters or walls that surround the staircase. Thus, it is no surprise that chair lifts are such a popular option as we age or find it more challenging to get around our home.

Things to consider when installing a stairlift

When your chair lift is installed, a track for your chair lift will be attached on brackets/ mounts so that your chair lift is elevated from the stairs and the rail is supported. The track will go from the landing down to the ground floor, ensuring that the chair lift is positioned well away from the wall during every part of the journey.

Each bracket/mount is fixed to the tread of the stairs with screws. If you want to return the stairs to its original state in the future, the stairlift can be removed and the holes from the screws can be easily filled in.

Once the wiring is attached, the chair in position and all checks are complete; the installation is finished.

Before you install a new chair lift, you may want to have a new carpet fitted to update your flooring and ensure that the carpet fits the stairs properly and safely. Similarly, you may decide to renew your bannisters prior to the stairlift installation to make sure that every part of your staircase is safe and in good condition. Thus, you may need to employ a carpenter or a joiner before you have your stairlift installed. You might even want to get a painter and decorator in to refresh the staircase area.

If you have any architectural features along the wall of your staircase, such as a protruding window sill or railing, your stairlift will need to be positioned further away from the wall.

There are many different types of stairlifts on the market. The type of stairlift and stairlift seat that you choose will affect the cost of the work. More expensive styles of chair lifts include curved or bespoke stairlifts for curved stairs. A straight stairlift for straight stairs is more affordable and quicker to fit. You can also buy reconditioned stairlifts at a lower cost.

Best features to look out for when buying a stairlift

Stairlifts are sold with many different features. Some features are more useful than others. These top three features are some of the best features that will make all the difference:

  • Swivel seat: When you reach the bottom or top of the stairs in your new stairlift, having a swivel seat will make a big difference to the ease with which you leave the chair. A powered swivel seat will turn you around at the bottom or top of the stairs so that you are in the right direction to exit the chair safely.
  • Hinged track: The priority for any stairlift track is that it enables you to get around safely. Sometimes it is necessary for part of the track to be positioned across a doorway. If this happens then, a hinged track will be essential so that you can fold away the track when not in use to ensure that the track does not cause an obstruction.
  • Perch seat: If your staircase area is very narrow or you have difficulty bending, a perch seat can be used instead of a chair lift.
  • Warranty: Before buying your chair, check that your stairlift comes with a full warranty and a 24-hour, free call out service for the first 12 months. The warranty for your chair lift should last for at least one year. Meanwhile, the 24-hour call out should be a no-fee call out service that also includes any spare parts that you may need. It is also useful to inquire how much the call-out fee will be after 12 months and what the service will cover, as well as whether an extended warranty is available.

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