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Window & Door Specialist Jobs

triple glazing installation cost

Installing Triple Glazed Windows

Homeowners will instantly notice a difference upon installing new triple-glazed windows. Your home will retain temperatures more...

patio door fitting cost

Cost of Fitting Patio Doors

New patio doors will add appeal and an entirely new look to your home. French doors are elegant and inviting. Swinging doors ...

door lock replacement cost

Cost of Replacing a Door Lock

Replacing locks on your doors is a project best left to a locksmith. Reason being is that they have various lock options, can perform ...

double glazing installation

Installing Double Glazing

Double-glazing is a great way to protect your home from harmful UV rays. If you have pricey floors, furniture, or ...

painting front and back doors

Painting an External Door

It’s a simple paint job, right? Maybe for some. But, in painting the front and back doors of your home, you might come across other projects...

garage door replacement cost

Cost of Replacing a Garage Door

The cost of replacement varies according to the types and styles of the garage doors and the materials needed for the procedure. The supply...

roof window replacement cost

Cost of Replacing a Roof Window

If your roof’s window is damaged, you want to upgrade to glazed-windows, or want double-glazed windows installed, the proper replacement...

new front door cost

Cost of Installing a New Front Door

Many homeowners will profess that a new external door is one of the most important investments that you can make to your home. Replacing the...

blown window replacement cost

Cost of Replacing a Blown Window

A blown window is a term used when a gap is present between the panels of a double-glazed window. This gap allows moisture to enter...

upvc windows cost

Installing uPVC Windows Cost

Let’s first take a look at the average cost of fitting new uPVC windows. The price will vary depending on the type....

Roof Lantern Installation Cost

Roof Lantern Installation Cost

This guide offers useful information to assist you in selecting, buying and installing a roof lantern. There is a design out there...

Roof Lantern Installation Cost

Cost of Installing Bifold Doors

We will break down how long these installations take and explore additional, relevant subjects, such as how to install bifold....

Bay Window Installation Cost

Cost to Replace a Bay Window

Are you thinking of having a bay window replaced? In this article, we’ll discuss the cost of installing a bay window...